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"Jody's message is very powerful.  His experience changing gender is fascinating.  And how he relates this experience to our own personal transformation reminds us that we have a lot more in common with each other than we think."

-- Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entreprenuer

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"Jody's discussion was extremely refreshing.

His sense of humor, high energy, and heart-centered approach made this speech one of the most memorable I have ever heard."  


--Heather Vescent, author, social scientist.                                                                    

"I have never experienced such transformation in one hour.  This was the most creative and impactive speech we have ever experienced.  Thank you, Jody!" 


-- Arleen Domondon, Professional Educator

"The audience was mesmerized during Jody's powerful and entertaining speech.  This information changes lives. We will definitely have him back again next year!"

--Sarah Daigle 
My name is Jody Helfand, and I'm an author, a professor, and a Professional Keynote Speaker.

I was also born female and changed my gender to match my male Spirit when I was 21.

I've learned so many lessons from the Transsexual Spirit I was born with and talk about these lessons and experiences at my speaking events. 

I also discuss how the lessons I've learned before, during, and after my gender change can help you transform your life in the areas you're currently working on.

I take these teachings

from the second book I've written, called Transforming Yourself, a book that helps you create rapid and lasting change in your life.  This book discusses the universal changes many people face during their lives and offers solutions for personal growth and transformation.

During my speech, you'll learn about my journey being born female and changing my gender to male.  You'll also learn how to hear your heart's voice, and how to listen to that voice to find the answers to any question you have about your own life.

I'll also share with you many of the techniques I've learned in the past 15 years that have helped me create more peace and happiness in my life. My hope is that you'll leave transformed, moving toward your own unique path of personal transformation and growth.

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I appreciate that you've taken the time to read about the work I do

"Jody Helfand's speech is like turning on a waterfall of positive and supportive energy.  I felt validated, rejuvenated, and heard!  One of Jody’s best traits is his heart listening skills, which are rare.  With his unique combination of heart listening, compassion, and intuition he helps audiences sort through the clutter in their minds and brings to the forefront a deeper and profound view of love and joy."

--Amber Stubbs, Ed.D

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